9 Plant-Preserving Self-Watering Container Gardens You Can DIY or Buy

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Most plants don't need much to survive: Just dirt, sunlight, and water -- although that last one can really trip you up if you're a novice gardener, out of town, or just plain forgetful.

That's where self-watering container gardens come in: You place your plants in an insert, place the insert in a reservoir of water, and let the plant soak up water as required.

Self-watering gardens are a cinch to DIY with almost any kind of container, from an empty soda bottle to an 18-gallon storage bin, but there are plenty of pre-made versions, too.

These nine options -- from the basic insert to the DIY IKEA to the chic, cubist alternative -- will help that basil, marigold, tomato plant and more flourish, despite your watering flaws.

Photo: Joe Marinaro/Creative Commons