7 of the strangest plants on Earth

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Sensitive plant
credit: YouTube

The sensitive plant: Demurs at the slightest touch

The “spirit plant” to all who possess a delicate nature, Mimosa pudica, the sensitive plant, can’t help but to elicit “awww”s. The lightest touch of the plant’s leaves will cause them to fold inward in a graceful dance worthy of a Busby Berkeley number, resulting in a wilted-looking heap; the plant world’s version of playing dead. It’s a sight so sweet you just want to cuddle the little thing. Only a few species of plants display these “seismonastic movements,” botanists expect that it serves to reduce attractiveness to herbivores; also, it may help for survival during environmental stress. After around 10 minutes, the leaves perk back up, only to fold up immediately when touched again.

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