7 of the strangest plants on Earth

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From a shrew-eating flower to a perennial that demurs upon touch, these extraordinary members of the kingdom Plantae are some of the most unique in the world. First up, a plant that rocks.

Lithops: The “don’t mind me, I’m just a stone” plant

These “flowering stones” are so cute that had they cheeks, they would be constantly pinched. Just look at them. Native to swaths of desert in southern Africa, these clever succulents have adapted into a wonderful act of mimicry, “impersonating” stones to avoid being gobbled up by thirsty herbivores. So effective are they in their art of camouflage that even experts sometimes have trouble spotting them. The majority of lithops produce cheerful daisy-like flowers during autumn and early winter, which gives their plant-status secret away, but a plant's got to do what a plant's got to do. And if all of this weren’t extraordinary enough, there’s this little bit of poetry: When there is no rain, they live on mist alone.

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