20 Wild Spaces For Getting Back-To-Nature

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Morton National Park Australia photo
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Morton Oftentimes we don't need a valid passport to immerse ourselves in life-enriching wildness. Nature can be right under our noses. Like Morton National Park, the fourth largest in New South Wales. Yet this writer once walked south through the park for 15 days and crossed only one dirt road. Dense bushland gives way to precipitous sandstone escarpments, from which cascading waterfalls plunge into deep gorges. Superb Lyrebirds mimic the birdsong of their fellow avian neighbours, while swamp wallabies bound effortless through seemingly impenetrable scrub. (Not that 'spectacular' is a prerequisite for a wilderness experience. The quiet corner of a municipal gardens can do as much to calm nerves, unknot worries and reconnect, as a national park.)

Photo © Warren McLaren / INOV8