20 Wild Spaces For Getting Back-To-Nature

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French Pyrenees photo
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Pyrenees The Pyrenees are a mountain range stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, providing a natural border between France and Spain. Many of the jaw dropping climbs and descents in cycling's epic Tour de' France are to be found in the Pyrenees. However, it possible to enjoy these mountains at a gentler pace than experienced by the Lance Armstrongs of the world. For example, several routes, like the Grande Randonnée, the GR10 wend walkers from coast to coast. Assuming they have 50 or so days to devote to the adventure. Along the way they'll not only encounter stunning mountain landscapes and quaint rural villages, but muscles they never knew they had, for the GR10 rises and falls some 47,500 m (156,000 ft) over its length of 866 km ( 538 miles.)

Photo © Warren McLaren / INOV8