16 Beautiful but deadly frogs

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golden poison dart frog photo
credit: gordon2208

Golden poison dart frog

Some of the most beautiful things on this planet are also some of the most deadly. But that's the point -- by standing out with vibrant colors, a species can ward off potential predators. This is the strategy of these tiny, vibrantly colored, and highly toxic frogs.

We might as well start our gallery with the most toxic of all poisonous frogs, and perhaps the most poisonous animal in the world, the golden poison frog. Even its scientific name, Phyllobates terribilis, shows that small things can be incredibly harmful. The poison it carries is derived from its diet, and depending on location and diet, the average wild golden poison frog contains about one milligram of poison, which is enough to kill somewhere between 10 and 20 humans. Despite having this staggeringly powerful self-defense, it is still an endangered species.

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