10 Stunning Eco Hotels Around the World

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andrere amellal eco hotel photo
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Whether you're planning your next splurge of a vacation -- or just trying to mentally escape your drab cubicle -- the striking architecture and views of these environmentally-friendly hotels will do the trick.

In Authentic Ecolodges, author and architect Hitesh Mehta highlights 36 of the most beautiful -- and sustainable-- hotels around the world, from China and Thailand to Canada and Tazmania, ranging in price from $15 a night to over $500 a night.

We've highlighted 10 of the most incredible hotels here, with descriptions from the book's publishing house, Collins Design.

Adrére Amellal, Egypt

"Located near the Libyan border, Adrére Amellal is built of locally cut salt rock and clay--materials of the local kershef construction (a local traditional building material of mud, sand and sun-dried salt harvested from salt lakes)," says Collins Design.

"There is no electricity and all amenities are kept to a minimum to preserve the lodge's most prized features: peace and quiet." (contact for rates)

Photo: Hitesh Mehta/ Collins Design