10 Really Great Animal Dads

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emperor penguin photo
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There's a lot of deadbeat animal dads out there: While many male birds make proper "Mr. Moms," sharing duties with their mates, fewer than 5 percent of all male mammals play any role in directly tending infants of the species.

In honor of Father's Day, here are 10 species where males pull their parenting weight around the nest, pond, or forest.

Emperor Penguin

Perhaps the most famous and well-loved animal dads thanks to March of the Penguins, male emperor penguins bear sole responsibility for incubating their eggs during the deadly, harsh Antarctic winter, losing half their body weight in the process. (They hold the eggs on top of their feet, so they can't move around to find food.) The males also do the initial feeding of the newly hatched chicks until their mothers return from their long trek to the sea to feed.

Photo by Ian Duffy via Flickr