10 real life sea monsters

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The ocean contains a potentially infinite number of species that we know nothing about ... many of which may come across as pretty strange-looking to us landlubbers.

Deep Sea Amphipod Crustacean

Take this guy above. Scientists from the Queensland Brain Institute managed to capture this shot of a deep sea amphipod crustacean -- and other weird-looking sealife -- on Australia's Osprey Reef, where this crustacean and its prehistoric, deep sea-dwelling friends were found 4,500 feet below the surface.

According to The Courier-Mail, they rely on their own bioluminescence for light. At those depths, the pressure on these creatures is 140 times greater than the pressure that the rest of us land-dwellers face -- just another environmental condition they've adapted to.

Click on for more oversized underwater sea creatures that make Jaws look like a brand-new kitten.

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