10 Rare and Endangered Animals Having a Bad Hair Day

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Some animals are born to be cute (think golden retrievers, fluffy kittens, and even the slow loris); some are, well, undeniably weird looking, and others just need a small makeover -- and maybe a new hairstyle.

Sulawesi Black-Crested Macaque

For example: the Sulawesi Black-Crested Macaque, a monkey that lives in the rainforest. Stefano Unterthiner won the 2008 prize for Animal Portraits from the Natural History Museum for this photo of Troublemaker, a black-crested macaque that he said "would leap at me and kick off my back like a trampoline. It was part play, part confrontation, part attention-seeking, part curiosity."

The macaques, which live on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, are losing population as habitats are destroyed and hunters seek them out. And did we mention they are often distinguished by the tuft of hair that sticks straight up from the tops of their heads?

Photo by Stefano Unterthiner/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008 via Guardian

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