10 Outrageous Ways People Have Tried to Smuggle Animals

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sony dong bird smuggling photo
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Smuggling endangered animals across the globe inspires criminals to take drastic -- and almost laughable -- measures, from hiding monkeys under their hats to securing lizards in their underwear.

But there's nothing funny about animal trafficking: It's a worldwide problem that threatens endangered species and puts a price, literally, on biodiversity.

Exotic Birds

Sony Dong may have thought his plan to smuggle 14 Asian songbirds into Los Angeles by securing them to his legs was flawless, but "bird droppings on his socks and feathers peeking from the cuffs of his pants," as TreeHugger Stephen Messenger wrote, gave him away easily.

Officials already had an eye on Dong -- ever since a piece of luggage he never claimed from an earlier trip was found with 13 live birds inside. They found more than 50 other birds at his house after his arrest.

Photo: AP/Department of Justice