10 of the World's Weirdest Spiders

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crab spider yellow photo
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Hate spiders? You're not alone: These leggy arachnids are some of the most feared creatures on Earth, despite their relatively tiny size. But even these creepy crawlies play a big part in nature's order -- often in weird and intriguing ways.

The 10 spiders highlighted here include species that change colors, walk on water, are patterned with eye-catching neon stripes, and have made a miraculous comeback from extinction.

Crab Spider

The one-of-a-kind crab spider gets its name from its ability to move sideways -- like a crab -- instead of just forward and back like other spiders.

They're also famous for their color-change abilities, which allow them to camouflage themselves on brightly colored pink, yellow, or white flowers -- though recent research shows that spiders who change their color aren't necessarily more successful hunters than their more obvious counterparts.

Photo: Michael Hodge/Creative Commons