10 Incredible, Shocking New Species: Snot Eating Leech, Titanic Bacteria, and More

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A flat-faced spiky fish with a habitat destroyed by the BP oil spill and a leech that eats mucus...found in a child's nose....are just two of the incredible species discovered in the last year.

Every year, the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) at the University of Arizona releases a list of the top 10 newly discovered species—out of the thousands discovered.

To determine which species deserve a place on the list, a panel of scientists analyze findings and reports and considers suggestions from the public.

The result is some of the most incredible species on the planet—new or old.

Louisiana Pancake Batfish

The Louisiana Pancake Batfish (Halieutichthys intermedius) was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico shortly before the BP oil spill. Unfortunately, the oil from that disaster covered the rare fish's native habitat almost exactly. This means that this new species may be lost just as it becomes known to science.

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Photo credit: Prosanta Chakrabarty (Louisiana State University, USA)

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