10 High-Function, Low Impact Birdfeeders

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traffic light feeder photo
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Make your backyard a haven for local birds with these chic feeders -- some of which are aimed specifically at certain breeds, and all of which use recycled, upcycled, or biodegradable materials.

Traffic Light Feeder from Red Yellow & Blue Ink

While plenty of birds have lost their homes as a result of the deforestation that made room for roads, highways, and interstates, Red Yellow & Blue Ink turns one icon of road travel -- the traffic light -- into a new feeder for your flying friends.

This birdfeeder is made from two reclaimed traffic light lenses -- one glass and one plastic -- in bright red and yellow. It's also easy to take apart to clean -- or to remove the larger top lens in case your backyard birds are taking the "stop" lens too seriously. (Red Yellow and Blue Ink Feeder, $61)