10 of Europe's most remarkable trees

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European trees
credit: Rafał Godek

Each year, the Environmental Partnership Association in concert with the European Landowners’ Organization awards a special honor to a single tree: The European Tree of the Year. Quite frankly, I’d say there are no losers when it comes to trees – but the lovely and popular contest is a great way to shine the spotlight on our arboreal cohabitants. In singling out specific trees, we learn their stories and become a bit more emotionally invested in them. And the more we respect and revere these glorious and essential organisms that we share the planet with, the better.

1. Oak Józef, Poland

This 650-year old English oak (Quercus robur) resides in Wiśniowa, Podkarpackie province, Poland – and is special not only for its grandeur but for its unique history and especially its hospitality. During WWII the oak became shelter for a Jewish family hiding from the Nazis. The kind oak’s image was printed on Polish 100 złoty bills and it plays muse to painters and photographers alike. What a good tree! And the grand champion for this year's contest, as well.

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