10 Creepy Endangered Bugs You Shouldn't Squish

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It's easy to want to save endangered species that are adorable, and most of us can even find something sort of cute about the ugly ones -- but when it comes to saving spiders, flies, and beetles, not many people raise their hands.

Still, just because these creatures had the bad fortune to be born looking creepy to many humans doesn't mean they aren't important to the environment.

Goliath Bird Eating Spider

Take this guy: Just the name Goliath bird eating spider is enough to conjure up nightmares for anyone with a fear of giant insects (the biggest specimen on record was more than 11 inches across, which is about the size of a dinner plate).

And though the venom of this member of the tarantula family isn't lethal to humans, it does have another painful technique: According to Extreme Science, it can flick tiny hairs at people and animals it considers a threat, and those hairs can irritate skin or cause bigger problems if they're ingested.

This spider gets the latter half of its name from a reputation for stealing small birds from nests, though the Goliath also eats frogs, bats, lizards, and even small snakes.

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