10 creatures with exceptionally deceptive disguises

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The name of the game is survival – what species doesn't want to excel in existence? Yet while we fancy humans have all kinds of tricks to keep our species at the top of the food chain, other organisms come with more vulnerabilities. Thankfully Mother Nature doesn't ignore the underdogs and has bestowed some wonderful defenses which have evolved over time, giving a lot of the planet's living things a fighting chance.

Case in point, this collection of creatures that pays homage to mimicry and its cousin, camouflage. Sometimes the goal is to look like another species, sometimes just to completely disappear. Whatever the mechanics, these masters of disguise are some of the slyest species around.

1. The katydid that looks like lichen
As if crafted with delicate string and the nimblest of hands, the wild camouflage of a lichen katydid, above, is so striking in its odd beauty – what kind of insect looks like that?? See it in action below, crazy.

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