10 Animals with Shockingly Strange Noses

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star nose mole photo
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Breathing and smelling is not the only things a nose is good for.

In the animal world, they're used for much more: From tentacled protrusions that find food, tools for eating and drinking, grabbers, and mating signals, the nose is a major component of survival for these 10 creatures, ranging from fish to primates.

Star-Nosed Mole

The 22 tentacles that form the super-powered sniffer on the star-nosed mole make this mammal one of nature's fastest foragers. It uses the protrusions to quickly find food -- often small worms and fish -- in less than one-quarter of a second.

But the reddish nose and human-like front paws land this creature on the ugly list more often than not -- and even earned it top billing in a New York Times article, where a neuroscientist said the unpopularity might stem from the fact that "it looks like the animal has no face."

Photo: gordonramseysubmissions/Creative Commons