Resolution 4 Packs A Lot Into A Poolhouse

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bris de soliel protecting house

credit: Resolution: 4 Architecture

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It takes advantage of passive solar:

"In the cooler months, the single bar module is heated both passively, via the expansive wall of sliding glass doors, and actively. the roof is designed for solar hot water panels used to heat not only the pool, but also the module, via radiant heat tubing beneath the bamboo flooring (this supplements the heat-generating fireplace). exceeding LEED standards, the perimeter envelope contains a special factory installed high-performance flash-n-batt insulation system, thus retaining heat longer and minimizing energy use, as well as keeping the house cool in the summer. In the warmer months, cooling is passive and achieved via natural ventilation and evaporative cooling. As breezes blow over the pool, water evaporates and cools the air as is blows through the expansive sliding glass doors, through the 16 ft wide domestic space, and out the continuous linear clerestory windows along the back of the house. if that isn't cool enough, then go jump in the pool."