200-Storey Prefab For 100,000 People Can Be Built in 2 Months

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Is This for Real?

Over the years I have been shown a few wild proposals for giant prefabs and new building systems, and most of the time I have been pretty dubious. There have always been a couple of fundamental problems that got in the way, particularly with modular schemes where entire units are supposed to be plugged into frames.

Recently I questioned a big prefab project at the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn, thinking it was too much, too fast, and too cheap considering it was a technology that had never been used to build so high.

But these projects don't come close to what Broad Sustainable Buildings is planning: A 200-storey vertical city that will house 100,000 people. While it isn't scheduled for construction yet, the company appears to be pitching it around the world.

Not only will it be the second tallest building in the world, but Broad Sustainable Buildings claim it will be green, sustainable and -- from start in the factory to finish on site -- built in six months.

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