12 (mostly) gorgeous home office garden sheds that will make you want to go to work

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Jonathan Foyle Shed
credit: Jonathan Foyle

Jonathan Foyle's Shed

There was an interesting article in the Financial Times about "the joys of working out of a backyard hideaway" by architectural historian Jonathan Foyle, who works from the rather nice garden shed shown above. He describes it:

It’s built from salvage, a 12ft wide by 8ft deep and 8ft high confection of architectural bits and bobs: sash windows, recycled roof slates and a foppish Regency pediment, filled with books, much crockery, candles, oil paints, more salvage and an armchair. It’s a wonder I get any work done.

It is a beautiful thing. But sheds are more than just cute; they can be a major part of a carbon footprint reduction strategy. But they may not be for everyone, everywhere.

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