Summer-Blooming Bulbs You Should Plant in Your Garden


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hippeastrum flower in container

credit: MrBrownThumb

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You may be more familiar with the Hippeastrum genus by the name amaryllis. These bulbs are sold in the fall and winter leading up to the holidays where they are often treated as annuals and tossed after they bloom.

After my amaryllis bulbs bloom in winter I like to start fertilizing my bulbs and preparing them for planting outdoors in the spring. I’ll either plant them in large pots, or directly in the ground, to let them fatten up. While outdoors they get the same fertilizer treatment as the rest of the garden. Depending on the age (and variety of the bulb) I can usually coax another bloom out of the bulb by summer.

As autumn approaches I cut off the fertilizer and water and allow the bulb to go dormant to let it prepare to bloom indoors again over the winter.