Summer-Blooming Bulbs You Should Plant in Your Garden

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garden bulbs that bloom in summer

credit: Ramon Gonzalez

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Incorporating some of these summer-blooming bulbs into your garden will add color, texture, height and drama. Even the tiniest urban garden can achieve the look of an exotic location with the help of a few bulbs. While I’m categorizing all of these as “bulbs,” some of these plants grow from tubers, corms and rhizomes.

Some are perennials and can be planted in the ground in your garden. While others are tender and you’ll need to lift them out of the ground and store them indoors if you live in a northern climate because they won’t survive a winter. For the tender bulbs I find that planting them in pots makes the task of keeping them indoors over the winter a lot easier.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite summer bulbs that I've grown in my garden.