Dig for Victory: 16 posters from when our food was fighting

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War garden cartoon
credit: Smithsonian/ Editorial cartoon: “War Garden to Do Its Duty” Drawing after J.N. Darling in the New York Tribune, about 1917

Food fight!

Recently in TreeHugger, Ilana has been asking Could we grow all the food we need in our yards? She also has shown Vintage photos: World War II "victory gardens". Over the years I have been collecting posters and done slideshows, but for some reason had never done one on War Gardens, which became known later as the more upbeat Victory Gardens.

The movement started before the USA even came into the Great War (as WW1 was known before there was the sequel), not to provide food for Americans, but to help Europe. Charles Lathrop Pack sent vegetables to war in 1917 before Woodrow Wilson sent troops.

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