7 Superfruits you can grow at home

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Raspberry plant
credit: Luke Jones

Superfruits: Raspberries

Raspberries are another very common superfruit, and because of their extremely fragile nature, are almost always best right off the canes and not in a package from the grocery store. Raspberries can be grown in most temperate regions, in both red and black varieties, and are purported to be rich in anthocyanin pigments, flavanoids, vitamin C, and fiber.

Raspberries grow on upright canes, which can be quite vigorous in some areas, invading nearby soil with their abundance of suckers (basal shoots). The suckers can be dug up for transplanting, and canes can be cut for rooting, so propagating raspberries from your favorite bushes is fairly straightforward. There are two main types of raspberry plants, the everbearing (just as it sounds, they bear fruit throughout the season, on both first year growth and last year's canes), and the summer bearing varieties (bear fruit only on last year's canes), with multiple cultivars available for each type.

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