18 beautiful edible landscaping plants

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asparagus ferns photo
credit: one2c900d

It's that time of year when garden centers are full, and you just can't seem to squeeze enough hours out of the day to get your yard done. With budgets tightening, many folks are considering growing food instead of just pretty flowers. But fear not - just because a plant is edible, it doesn't have to be ugly. In fact, with a little thought you can create a beautiful, edible landscape that feeds all your sense.

I blame the Victorians. I mean who decided that beautiful gardens had to be solely ornamental, and who says that edible gardens can't be beautiful? Luckily, with folks getting ever more interested in local, organic food, people are rethinking the false distinctions between beauty and utility.

Take these asparagus plants, above, for example. (And the rest on the following pages.) These could beat any ornamental fern in a stately home garden. And the young spears, when harvested direct from the garden and cooked within hours, are a delicacy that's infinitely superior to store-bought asparagus.

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