10 Sustainable Garden Products for a More Earth-Friendly Garden

Organic Soils

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Organic Potting Soils

credit: Organic Mechanics Soil

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In this post about 3 organic and natural potting soil alternatives to Scotts, I recommended Organic Mechanics soil. I have been experimenting with their seed-starting blend and I really like it a lot. What I like most about this line of organic soils is that they do not use peat. (Seed Starting Blend Potting Soil 16qt. bag, $10)

Dr. Earth is another line of organic soils that I am using in the garden this year. While they do not eschew peat in their formula, they do not use sewage sludge or chicken manure in their mix. (for prices, check their retailer locator)

Organic soils aren't just for container gardens, use the organic and natural soil mixes in raised beds and when planting directly in the ground too. They command a higher price when compared to cheap top soil but they're worth it.