10 Sustainable Garden Products for a More Earth-Friendly Garden

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Earth-Friendly Gardens

Many gardeners like to brag that we were green before green was mainstream. Breaking through the soil and starting a garden is one of the best things you can do for the earth. But many of the benefits of gardens are negated when you take into consideration the environmental impact of the products we use: lumber for raised beds, garden sheds, fences and trellises. Petroleum-based sythetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Plants that are grown in greenhouses clear across the country and shipped on trucks to local garden centers, plastic packaging and pots that aren't recycled -- it all adds up and makes your garden less green than it ought to be.

A garden that is kinder to the earth can be achieved through the selection of products and tools that are sustainably manufactured or given new life through recycling. It's never been so easy to build a garden that's green from the moment you plunge that spade into the soil.

Here are 10 garden products to get you started on a path to an earth-friendly garden.

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