Where our kitchens came from and where they are going

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messy kitchen
credit: NEXTadventure

A hundred years ago, kitchens in bigger houses had butler's pantries, which acted as a buffer between the kitchen and dining room. Today, developers are actually proposing a separate "messy kitchen", another room that's designed for all the stuff you actually use: the toaster, the coffee machine, the messy stuff you use every day. The big expensive kitchen is a charade; you do the real work in the back room. I wrote in MNN:

This is insane. There is a six-burner range and a double oven in the kitchen and another big range and exhaust hood in the outdoor kitchen — but they know full well that everyone is hiding in the messy kitchen, nuking their dinner, pumping their Keurig and toasting their Eggos. But this is what the data say: people want the big open kitchen, even though the data also say this is not how people actually live.

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