5 Green Kitchen Renovation Tips for the Design-Savvy

1. Super-Efficient Zephyr Range Hood

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Zephyr Efficent Range Hood

credit: Zephyr

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Kitchen remodeling is never easy -- the cost, the work dust, and the endless delays....and endless Chinese take-out. One thing is getting easier, however, and that's finding smart sustainable options in all areas of the kitchen.

Like in Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment renovation, a thorough search of each category of necessity -- fridges, ranges, floors, and lighting -- can bring up more than a few choices for kitchen redecoration.

Here are just a few new items that combine beauty and eco-sensibility.

Zephyr says homeowners tend to default to whichever hood their local showroom sells them. By using a direct current brushless motor, a Zephyr hood can consume 77% less energy than AC-motor hoods, and is quieter to boot.

The Modena Wall shown is priced at around $1,399.