What should designs for children look like?

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room for a future navigator
credit: Room for a future navigator/ Noemi Skolnik

Noemi Skolnik is an art deco designer who gets a lot of play in the book, and it is hard not to love this room for a future navigator. It is hard to imagine that it is a kid's idea for a room.

The plates are all coloured with an expensive stencil process called pochoir:

Stencils were popular as a method of book illustration, and for that purpose the technique was at its height of popularity in France during the 1920s when André Marty, Jean Saudé and many other studios in Paris specialised in the technique. Low wages contributed to the popularity of the highly labour-intensive process. When stencils are used in this way they are often called "pochoir". In the pochoir process, a print with the outlines of the design was produced, and a series of stencils were used through which areas of color were applied by hand to the page. To produce detail, a collotype could be produced which the colors were then stenciled over. Pochoir was frequently used to create prints of intense color, and is most often associated with Art Nouveau and Art Deco design.

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