Visiting Graham Hill's Amazing LifeEdited Apartment

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Living area wide open
credit: Living area wide open/ Graham Hill

I will admit it. Without being snarky like the New York Times, there are things that I questioned about the LifeEdited project. It's not unusual for entire families to live in 420 square feet in New York City, so for a single guy to demonstrate how to live in an apartment didn't seem like much of a stretch. There were things in the program that seemed silly and excessive. (Dinner for 12 in New York in your apartment? That's what restaurants are for!) A second bedroom for guests seemed a bit much. (that's what sofas are for!)

But then I saw what Graham Hill did in the LifeEdited project and I realized that I was wrong. Because where most people have to make lots of compromises in comfort and quality to live in New York, and give up a lot of the things that people have in bigger homes, Graham has demonstrates that you don't have to give up a damn thing.

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