Sweeping up at ICFF

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credit: Areaware/ Photo by Margaret Badore

Radio Dock from Areaware

The purpose in travelling to New York for Design Week has ostensibly been to find the latest in green design. The trouble is, it is getting harder to know what that is anymore; is it material choice? local manufacture? craft based? promoting local designers?

Take Areaware, one of my favorite design companies, promoting young American designers and producing "everyday objects that are mindful, functional and unusual".

They have just launched a new block of wood to complement the bedside table block of wood Jaymi put in the Just What We Needed Dept. two years ago. At the time I thought is was completely silly; who would pay forty bucks for a block of wood? But it just flew off the shelves.

No doubt Jonas Damon's latest block of wood that looks like an old portable radio will do the same.

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