The Green Workplace in 2012: Standing Desks, Home Offices, and the Future of Work

Allison Arieff On The Future Of The Office: Is it All About The Video?

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A lot of smart people are trying to design the office of the future, to keep up with these changes, but it may be a lost cause. Allison Arieff wrote:

Not long ago, many predicted the office of the future was no office at all. Today, the thinking is to get employees back to the office and find all sorts of enticements to keep them there. But devices, furniture, and people have moved from fixed to mobile. So now workplace "design" is as much about programming, services and amenities as it once was about cubicles and corner offices.

Alex Johnson of Shedworking disagreed in comments:

The number of people working from home and starting up home-based businesses is rocketing (though not much documented by the national media). The age of presenteeism is starting to pass and we're returning to a pre-industrial revolution scenario of cottage industries.

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