The Green Workplace in 2012: Standing Desks, Home Offices, and the Future of Work

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Heidi Painchaud
credit: Heidi Painchaud/ Lloyd Alter

Will the Office Go the Way of the Phonebooth and Mailbox?

At a lecture in September, Heidi Painchaud of B+H discussed how offices are changing:

She suggests that employees are using technology in ways that their bosses cannot even think of, so that employers have to change the way they evaluate their workers because they may not even see them. The trend is to ROWE, the Results Oriented Work Environment; people can work wherever and however they want as long as they produce and meet their goals.

All of us are going through this, whether we work at home or at the office; the location and way we work is less important now than the results. It is hard to adapt for workers and managers, but it's inevitable. Here is a review of some of those changes that we started noticing this year. More in Treehugger

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