The best and worst of the Interior Design Show 2015

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credit: Kelly Rossiter

There were the occasional flashes of the kinds of things I used to love, like Coolican and Company. They do what they call "small batch production", where they build to last a very long time.

This is not fast furniture. Small batches put quality control in the hands of the master craftsman to deliver a product that will wear better & last longer. Every board is carefully selected for strength and aesthetics, every part precisely joined to take a beating, and every finish meticulously hand-rubbed..... Moreover, we think that investing in our people and place is important, and that craftsmanship is worth holding on to. We are building durable goods & a durable company. A company that our customers are proud to support. So, we choose to make our furniture locally and we choose to make it well.

Nice to look at, too.

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