10 ways to hang your bike on the wall like a work of art

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Bike Valet

The Bike Valet is a new design from "Steven Tiller, Stephanie Birch and baby Bennett" of Reclamation Art + Furniture. It recently made a splash at Kickstarter, where the designers describe the problem:

We live in a small downtown apartment, and if we happen to be dense enough to leave our bikes outside they wouldn't last more than a few days, even with the priciest lock around. We lost a beautiful, vintage, hand-made Kleine in just such a way a couple years ago. So we bring our bikes inside. Given our storage issues, this makes navigating the entry hall difficult. I personally have tripped over or snagged a pair of dress pants on an awkwardly placed bicycle more than once. The solution? The Bike Valet.

The design works on the same simple principle of leverage as the Cycloc, but the metal is, I think, a little more elegant. Available on Etsy for $75.

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