10 More Ways To Hide The Bed (Some of Which You Can Actually Afford)

Works in a Drawer

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Bed drawer

credit: Point Architecture

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One alternative is to put the bed in a drawer. This has a few benefits; you don't have to make the bed, just push it away. You do have to leave the space open where the bed goes, or you will be moving furniture. It also involves serious construction, building the raised floor. But in this case, Point Architecture made it possible for a family in Turin to stay in their apartment:

The idea behind the project is one of educating the family to the non-conventional and multifunctional use of space. It is for this reason that it was decided to give the large existing living room space multiple functionality; the owner's bedroom, the living and dining space and a relaxation area are all found here while the remaining spaces are dedicated to the newborn children. We decided to raise half of the main room to create a larch wood platform, which hosts the relaxation space with a sofa and television, and exploit the height difference to hide a rollaway bed and a storage space.

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