9 green living options that improve your quality of life

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credit: seanbjack

I sometimes forget that there’s a fairly common assumption that green living = sacrifice. It’s a surprising myth to me, as so many green living options actually improve your quality of life. However, I guess it comes from the idea that you have to reduce how much you are consuming in order to be green (which sounds like sacrifice on the surface, and sometimes is a bit of sacrifice), or the idea that you have to go out of your way and pay a premium in order to buy green products, recycle, and reuse some products (again, sometimes going out of your way or paying a premium is needed in order to be greener… but not always).

On yet another Earth Day, I figured I’d chime in with some perspective regarding several green living options. If you've just read some scary facts about our current and growing climate, water, and food crises, have no fear — living green is often more fun, more comfortable, healthier, and more convenient!

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