6 great reasons to get outside and stay active even in the cold

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Forget the excuses

Daily exercise is important no matter what time of year it is, but in the winter it's especially hard to stay motivated. When temperatures drop, it's far less comfortable outside, not to mention the hassle of all of the extra layers. If you have kids, you understand how much work it is to clothe all members of your family just in order to get out the door.

The excuses are easy to come by when it's frigid and staying inside where it's warm is very appealing, but research shows that the extra hassle is worth it, not just because exercise is essential for good health, but because getting outside and moving in the winter is actually extra beneficial for both adults and kids.

From improving your mood to burning more calories than exercising in other seasons, winter exercise brings a host of benefits. Read on to check them out.

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