10 Best Green Baby Diapers on the Market


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credit: gDiapers

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Nothing inspires former eco-apathetics to change their ways like a new baby -- and one of the biggest ways to change your little one's carbon footprint from birth is by choosing an eco-friendly diaper.

Whether you go with reusable cloth, biodegradable disposables, or an organic cotton, the durable, leak-proof styles from these companies will make your first few parenting decisions that much easier.

If you're not totally sure you're ready to take on an entirely reusable diaper, then gDiapers offers the best of both worlds: The adorable outer covers (which come in bright prints and solids) are reusable, but the inserts are 100 percent biodegradable, so you can get rid of the mess without trashing the entire diaper. (Full disclosure: gDiapers founders Kim and Jason Graham-Nye also blog at our sister site, Parentables.) (gDiaper little g pants, from $18; diaper inserts from $15)