9 Eco-Savvy School Supplies for Teens and Tots

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credit: tncountryfan

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Nearly 50 million children in this country will be heading to public school this fall. Factor in the masses of private school students and that's a whole lot of school supplies that will be passing through the checkout line. The thought of all that loose leaf paper and No. 2 pencils is staggering!

With that in mind, we've picked some super sweet school supplies that are both eco- and kid-friendly to kick off the new school year with an earth-loving bang. And more often than not, the component responsible for their sustainability also offers kid-delighting design novelty -- like the rolled-up pencils and zipper backpacks. Selected for the K-12 set, the nine eco-savvy school supplies here are sure to please, while saving a few less tons of junk from the dump.

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