7 simple ways to reuse egg cartons

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egg carton seedlings
credit: Candy Tale

7 simple ways to reuse egg cartons

Starting seeds

There are many ways to reuse your old egg cartons, but I wanted to focus on the projects that were simple and gave the cartons a chance at a second life before being recycled. Many of these ideas let you use egg cartons instead of buying something for the same purpose.

If you've ever saved an egg carton to reuse, it's probably been as a seed starter. No need to buy plastic seed starters or even the compostable ones, egg cartons are the perfect tool for the job.

The cardboard cartons have perfectly sized compartments for growing seedlings. Once the plants are big enough to be transferred to your garden, no need to scoop them out. Just cut out the individual cups of the carton and place them directly into the soil. The paper will eventually break down as the plants grow.

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