8 DIY Soap Recipes, From the Easy to Advanced

Toy in Soap

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plane soap diy

credit: whipup.net

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This soap is called Airplane in the Clouds, how clever is that? Sticking toys in soap has been a big trend in recent years, but Faiola, who came up with this idea, gets huge bonus points for going beyond the yellow rubber ducky.

Not all soap projects are kid friendly -- you should exile them out of the kitchen for any recipe that is using lye -- but this recipe from whipup.net is a great exception to that rule, as long as they're careful with the hot melted base and knives.

It calls for clear melt-and-pour soap base, which just needs to be popped in the microwave. Find it on Bramble Berry, Ebay, or Amazon.

Another clever insert idea, represented by this Flickr user, are toy lizards.

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