2011: The Year in Pee and Poop

Sami Grover

Sami Grover (@samigrover)
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December 20, 2011

Diaper Composting Reaches the UK

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credit: Inga Munsinger Cotton

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The battle over cloth versus disposable diapers has been raging on our pages since the very early days of TreeHugger. But this year saw some interesting developments for folks who aren't willing to take the plunge with reusables.

Over in New Zealand, a specialized facility opened to compost dirty disposable diapers and turn them into a valuable horticultural product. And it wasn't long after that plans for a similar diaper-composting plant were announced for the UK too.

Sure, many dedicated greenies will still be opting for cloth. But now the mountains of diaper waste that still get generated will have at least some chance of reincarnation as something less icky.