11 great Mason jar gifts

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Mason jars are incredibly useful. They're the perfect containers for everything from kitchen staples to craft supplies to a cold pint of beer and, best of all, they can be reused forever (as long as you don't break them). They also make superb gifts when you fill them with something thoughtful.

Everyone has seen the layered brownie mix in a jar, but the following ideas go beyond just baking mixes (though there are a couple of those). You'll find something for each type of person on your list, even if they don't have a sweet tooth.

The ideas require little to no DIY expertise. They're simple, useful and will make great gifts for anyone from family to coworkers. Most of these would make perfect last minute gifts since you likely already have the ingredients and supplies. Even better is that no matter what you make or whom you give it to, once used for its current purpose, they'll be able to use the jar again.

With all of the gifts make sure to add printed or handwritten instructions if needed and a little ribbon or twine to make them extra special.

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