10 stylish and sustainable ways to wrap gifts

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green wrap
credit: mumre

Give virgin paper and plastic bows the heave-ho-ho-ho with these chic and earth-friendly alternatives -- several costing nothing at all!

So many frolicking flocks of reindeer and rosy-cheeked Santas are sacrificed each year in the name of disguising presents. The average consumer wraps 20 gifts each year, just imagine all of that holly-decked paper whose destiny is a one way trip to the landfill. What an ignoble fate for the trees that gave their lives to be printed with holiday cheer!

According to Stanford University, if every American family wrapped three presents in reused materials, the saved paper would cover 45,000 football fields! With that in mind, here are our favorite alternative wraps that rely on recycled materials and/or recycled paper -- several of which are completely free, employing materials around the house or in nature.

Make the recycled comic book bow here yourself, or pick some up from Etsy shop Mumre for $2 each.

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