10 Online Stores for All Your Green Product Shopping

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credit: Etsy

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You can find sustainable versions of just about anything on the internet -- if you know where to look. From gardening supplies and handmade jewelry to Fair Trade decor and baby toys, here are 10 sites that will help you find whatever you need without fighting crowded stores and busy malls.


One of the easiest ways to cut the carbon footprint of your consumption is to go to the source: Buy goods handmade by local artisans and avoid the energy use that comes from mass production.

That's what Etsy provides: Your direct line to artisans all over the world (including in your own neighborhood) who handmake everything from furniture and fashions to baby toys and needlepoint patterns. You can also search for artists who use reclaimed or organic materials -- or search the plentiful vintage shops -- to make even less impact.