What does seasonal eating look like where you live?

Spinach - Silver City, New Mexico

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credit: Derek Markham

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Derek Markham describes himself as a digital dad with an analog streak, and keeps himself busy in his role as Head Shoveler at his mini-farm startup in New Mexico. Spinach is what's currently on the seasonal menu for Derek, helped along by a little season extension:

"We've been eating quite a bit of spinach and salad greens (mixed baby lettuce) for the last two months, planted under row covers for frost protection, and we're also now getting radishes and Swiss chard from the garden. We eat fresh spinach in smoothies, salads, and steamed in mixed vegetable dishes, or just snack on it plain while working in the garden. In another month or so, it will get too hot for spinach and lettuce here, except under shade cloth, so we try to eat all we can while the temperatures are perfect for it (45 degrees at night, 75 degrees during the day)."