What will be the food trends of 2017?

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food scraps poster in Vancouver
credit: Metro Vancouver

“Garbage is my thing!” and other conversations about waste

I love that line from Woody Allen’s classic film, Annie Hall, because so often, I do feel like garbage – or waste – is my thing, considering how much time I spend thinking about it. And finally I no longer feel alone! People began talking a lot more about waste in 2016 and I’m hopeful that interest will continue to grow throughout 2017.

There are two parts to the food-related waste conversation. One is the actual, physical food waste that gets thrown away as a result of over-enthusiastic grocery shopping habits, poor food storage, lack of knowledge about what to do with certain ingredients, fussy habits, or misunderstood expiration dates. (Watch ‘Just Eat It’ for a really great film on this topic.)

Second, there’s the huge amount of waste generated by food packaging, and the gradual yet persistent movement toward zero waste. A growing number of people don’t want to pay for trash (a.k.a. packaging) when they buy their food, nor do they feel comfortable throwing it away. Let’s hope this movement really gains some traction in 2017.

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